Designing the Characters

As I was initially busy with trying to write up each of the daily interactions, I had put August in charge of creating the designs for each of the characters that would be used within the game. Each character was inspired by something related to the theme that they carried. From there August designed each character with their, inspiration and theme in mind.

The Sins

To begin with, to keep the sins from looking to human and having a particularly in-human look we decided to keep them as almost shapeshifting like beings. They all had the original same structure but each were changed in accordance of what they represented. Whether it be changing their colour, their form somewhat they all come from the same mould. Something that is unlike a lot of the other characters that were designed for this particular game.

Wrath and Lust

Wrath (pictured left) was a design that we felt best represented anger and the way our emotions can often spike and become aggressive very quickly. The spikes on the design were added to show that aggression that the sin of Wrath is very closely linked with. That is what the main inspiration for this design was. We used coloured such as red, orange and yellow as they are extremely warm colours that resemble the passion that comes linked with Wrath. Most people link passion and the colour red to the sin of Lust however, anger is often an emotion that is invoked by passion. We also chose colours that complimented each other nicely on the grey like body. They blended in nicely with each other and were easy upon the eye overall making Wraths design outwardly recognizable.

Lust (pictured right) was easiest to design. The colour pink is often associated with flirtiness, playfulness and also is another colour of passion. So it was a very easy colour to run with. Instantly recognizable when shown. For this design in particular we made the hips bigger on the original model. Made the hands and feet smaller. This was to show how lust is often represented as being something of pure sexual desire, a woman. Dainty and delicate. As well as the female influences we added wings. This is in reference to cupid angels. Those which represent love and desire. We felt like this was a good way to make sure the design of the sin was recognizable to the player. With the added addition of the heart chest and mouth, we made it more recognizable.

Envy, Greed and Sloth

Envy (pictured left) was initially a very difficult sin to design. We knew we wanted to use the colour green as that is the biggest colour linked to this in particular. We eventually settled on Envy having a split head with two different faces. This is to represent how the sin of Envy is often linked closely with being two faced. Saying one thing to someone then soon saying something insincere and deceitful to another. Envy is often hidden by people and is a sin that can easily be covered with lies. The eyes were chosen purely for design’s sake. We wanted to implement the ‘Green eye of Envy’ somewhere in this design. This was the best way that we could think of adding them. We tried them in other places and didn’t fit. Whereas where we have them now makes them look naturally added to the design.

Greed (pictured middle) was a very fun one to design. The yellow used is to represent gold. The colour of riches. The colour itself is very striking. The overall stature of this sin was designed to be very gaunt and very thing compared to the rest of the sins to show how much greed can eat up your life and can control you. You become nothing but, a husk of your former self once Greed has completely consumed your life. The blindfold is to represent the fact that people are often blind to their Greed and don’t realize how much it has consumed them until it is too late and it has consumed their whole life. The multiple arms of the sin are added to show, well, multiple hands reaching for more and more. The more access you have to something, the more likely you are to indulge. The more hands and arms you have, the more money you can grab at.
I feel like Greed is one our best designed sins and certainly one I enjoyed.

Sloth (pictured right) is a fairly simple design. There isn’t much to the design itself or much to the sin. The shorter limbs are to represent the laziness that people associate with the sin of Sloth. Sitting unmoving for hours. Weight is often linked with Sloth as well and the abundance of overweight people that are associated.
The mouth is purely to show how people who suffer with the sin only care about eating, and sleeping. The idea of giving the sin no eyes was an interesting idea however, showing no eyes gives the illusion of being permanently asleep. Which we felt worked with the rest of the design. Blue is also the colour associated with the sin. So we splashed some of that on it.

Pride and Gluttony

Pride (pictured left) was meant to represent a shattered mirror. Pride is often associated with an ego and someone’s heightened sense of superiority. Pride reflects reality, so having a reality shattered due to a heightened ego can be shown as a smashed mirror. However, later on the design process this design was completely scrapped when the idea of Pride being represented by Lucifer himself was thrown about. Pride was the original sin committed by Lucifer, so we thought it better to use that rather than the design we previously had. Despite the fact of Lucifer only being mentioned in the latter of the game in one of the routes we decided it was a better course to take.

Gluttony(pictured right) was very, very fun to design. We had an idea from the start. Mouths, agape with tongues and teeth showing often represent a fierce hunger. Mouths are something that are very closely linked with gluttony and food. So an overabundance of them really drive home the sin they are representing. Gluttony, is also the only sin designed without legs and with a much larger build. This is to show how people who are deep in the sin of Gluttony over indulge in what they have and often gain an overabundance of weight.

The Priest

The priest is designed to be very neutral. We didn’t want any defining features on him as we want the player to be able to project themselves onto him. This is why his colour palette is made of greys and blacks so no defining colour can stop the player from projecting. The only colour used was the gold for the rings, as priests are known rather commonly to wear rings to represent their dedication to the church.
The cassock was just a basic, black cassock that priests wear when in the church. They monochromatic colour palette also, helped represent the grey morality that the priest holds within the game. It’s entirely down to the player as to wear his morality would lie. It is also a subtle hint that the character is dead. Completely devoid of colour. We can see this when he is put in comparison with characters such as the Cardinal that is very flush and peachy.

The Cardinal

The Cardinals design was made for him to look friendly and approachable. A trustworthy face that the player can grow to trust and follow. This is why we used a lot of round shapes. Round shapes are often associated with soft, friendly and approachable characters and are very common in character design when a character is needed to be trustworthy. However, this can also work from the other perspective that in a lot of media shorter, stockier, round characters are often the villains as it would show a life of excess. The ‘Fat Cat’ look if you will. The attire is basic Cardinal attire that would be worn within the catholic church. The Cardinal was also designed to be the complete opposite of the angel, which is very long, slender and thin. This would make the reveal of the Cardinal being an angel just that more unexpected.

The Demon, Ezekiel

We wanted Ezekiel to be similar in design to the sins as it would show that they are from the same world and all are of hellish decent. Ezekiels colour palette is deliberately very simple. Almost shadow like in a way. We both felt that if we were to over design Ezekiel it would over shine the reveal of the angel in the game. So we kept him simple but, still effective and able to still represent efficiently what he is and where he comes from.
This also is completely different from the blue light that he is represented by throughout the game. From something that you feel is going to be a grand reveal, to a simple coloured demon can be very effective in bringing across the surprise the user will feel once Ezekiels bad route is followed. He is very stretched out and lanky because, we felt like it would be the most eye pleasing shape to match with his full design.

The Angel

The Angel is by far the most complicated design for the game. For this design we decided to steer from the stereotypical angel design shown in media and look into angels portrayed in catholic mythos. We however, did not want to make The Angel too horrific or terrifying to look at as it would potentially not have the desired effect on the player. So we kept with the multiple wings that is often described in scripture but, also kept the human appearance that angels are often given in many different media. We did however design to elongate the limbs to be completely different from the Cardinals design. The colours chosen are often regal and rich colours associated with purity and angelic beings.