From 2D to pixel

Going from 2D art to pixel was a lot easier than first expected. It was a very simple process that was easy to repeat for each of the characters we needed to pixelize.

To start with the characters were designed in SAI, an art program that is very easy to use.

From there, we took the design into a program called ‘Pixelator’ that turned our image into pixels

Once the image was pixelated, we took it into another program called ‘Aseprite’ where we layered the pixelated image on a translucent layer and worked on a layer above to neaten up the pixelation and make a sprite that we could use in the game.

Once this process was completed, we had a sprite that was could use in the game.

This is the same process that we used for each character designed. Repeated. Some were a lot more intricate than the others but, the process was the same for each one.

The Sins Pixelated

The Humans Pixelated

The Angel/The Demon Ezekiel