Project Review

Looking back this project has been… a mixed bag of things. We had started out with the best of ideas and intentions but ultimately, we fell victim to our own hubris, kept putting things off and ended up with very little time in which to get everything done. This was my fault as I let myself say ‘it’s okay, we can do it tomorrow’ far too often, indicating that I still very much need to gain better time management skills before even considering a project again. Had I been more focused and determined on getting the project done and according to the schedule then I think things could have gone better. Despite that, I am happy with what we did manage to create and that we managed to pull things together with such a tight time frame, it does leave me to wonder what kind of game could have been made had we both ignored the voice telling us to do it later.
On the bright side, this project forced me out of my comfort zone and had me do things that I had not done before, testing the limits of my creative ability. I had not worked with pixel art before and are pleased with what I was able to create despite how new I was to that style of art. It was also nice to be able to work on my own game and make something based off of my own design, even if it wasn’t my idea. Whereas I did very much enjoy working on my own and technically not having to rely on anyone else, I certainly could have done with having another person from uni just to keep me on track as although August has been a huge help during the project, he’s less motivated than I am and doesn’t have anything riding on the project. I suppose in some ways, my stubbornness with wanting to make my own game got me here, and I’ll be damned if I don’t finish what I started.