Starting Off

Before starting anything, a plan was set out on how the workflow would work during the prototype phase. The plan should allow for progress to be made at a steady rate with and to get things done on time and to a good level of quality.

The plan sets up that myself, and my out of uni teammate, August, are to organize ourselves first, assigning roles and deciding who will do what. After that we split the work between working on the plot aspects (designing the NPCs and their narratives) and getting to grips with the pixel art style. Things would then be reviewed, improvements suggested and then the plot and pixel art process repeated until things were at a satisfactory level to be tested.

Whilst it was a good plan, and we managed to keep it for a couple of weeks, unfortunately, the method did not stick, and we ended up loosing structure in the way we worked due to various reasons.

During that initial phase however, some things were laid out that became the basis for the later design work.

The characters who would be featured in the game were listed as well as the newly added layer of them being manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins, an addition that, in my opinion, added more depth and meaning to the game as the Priest was being tested against a well-known evil in disguise. We would come to expand on that idea as the semester went on.